Total Beauty

Wien | 2014

Interior design of double level, 1.200 sqm GFA beauty center located in the most popular shopping center of Wien (SCS Multiplex, Wien, with annual 22 Million visitors): hairdressing, massage, cosmetics, cafe@bar functions. Our scope was the complete architectural and interior design of the shell and core premise. During the design we developed excellent cooperation with the young team of the MYD-II Interior Design Studio, with whom we preapared the permission and construction plans. It was a great challenge to coordinate and sychronize the demand of the Client, the vision of the strong interior concept and the technical requirements of the shopping center’ management.

Interior Design:Finta Csaba / Myd-II Interior
Architect:Tóth Csaba
Associate:Bódi Szilvia, Ács Anna, Szelezsán Bálint, Zsovák Orsolya
Gross floor area:1.200 sqm