255 flat condominium in Bárd street

Budapest, Ferencváros | 2018

Ferencváros is constantly developing thanks to the rehabilitation of this part of the town. Therefore, the Metrodom is building a 255-flat-condominiums in heart of Ferencváros. The important factors were the airy block divisions, filled with active green areas and with transparent verticality between blocks. Based on the conditions of the site, they intended to design modern facade with clear glazed surfaces that provide visibility between the blocks and the designed green areas.

Investor:Metrodom Kft.
Architect:Hajnal Építész Iroda
Lead architect:Hajnal Zsolt
Architect:Kendelényi Péter
Architect partner:4n Építésziroda
Project architect:Schadl Zoltán
Fellow architects:Tomasák Gergő, Fedor Lukács, Kőmíves Kata - 4N
Structural:Méri Tamás
Mechanical:Lovas Albert
Elcectrical:Gárgyán Attila
Detail:Horváth Sándor
Landscape:Dr. Balogh Péter István
Fire protection:Csuba Bendegúz
Acoustic:Csott Róbert
Garage technology:Rodé Lajos
Road:Katona Márk
Gross floor area:16100 sqm