Heart of Budapest

Budapest V. | 2006

“ Create more space, because the houses are choking! ” – architect JÓZSEF HILD

The overall objective of the competition is the revitalization of Budapest city centre, especially by the renewal of the public realm and the re-definition of “good places” network. The Erzsébet square – Astoria section of the Károly körút ring road should fit into this network as a priority public domain with traffic calming. The adjoining large site of the City Hall should provide for predominantly community and cultural functions. The competition entrants’ proposal for a new extension of the still unfinished City Hall building should beembedded in this context.

Lead Architect:Fazakas György
Associate Architects:Kenyeres László, Kiss András, Schadl Zoltán, Tóth Csaba
Gross floor area:43.000 sqm