Metrodom Panorama Condominium

Újpest | 2016-2018

The Investor entrusted the Hajnal Architects  with a 4-building, multifunctional (service, office and apartments) building design. Zsolt Hajnal, a leading architect architect, has also involved 4n Architects to prepare the plans of ‘A’ and ‘D’ building. The architects of the two offices have worked out a close relationship preparing the building premission and construction plans, in close cooperation with each other.

The  building regulations of Újpest allow for the construction of a high-rise building on site. The aim was to develop the area, create a new urban space, and create high-quality apartments. The design intent was to create as many livable homes as possible, considering the the altitude regulations and the viable urban space. An important factor was to create the largest possible green surface. Considering the features of the site, the development of façade green areas was envisaged.

Main contractor:Hajnal Építész Iroda
Lead architect:Hajnal Zsolt
Architect:Kendelényi Péter
Partner office (A and D buildings):4n Architects
Architect project leader (4n):Schadl Zoltán
Fellow architects (4n):Kiss Attila, Szabó Gábor, Kacsoh Gábor, Tomasák Gergő
Gross floor area:18.594 sqm (building 'A' ) és 18.765 sqm (building 'D')