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4N ARCHITECTS was founded in 2008 as a joint venture of four architects: László Kenyeres, András Kiss, Zoltán Schadl and Csaba Tóth (four), and has been operating in the current company structure since 2012. The office provides a full range of architectural design services, specializing primarily in the design of office and commercial buildings, industrial buildings, cultural buildings, condominiums, and individual private houses. The activities of our office follow the entire process of the building design, from the birth of the first ideas to the completion of the execution.

Our company also works closely with other renowned architects, and often working together on larger projects with other architectural design offices, and developing conceptual-, building permission- and construction plans as a part of a bigger team.

Our office works under the management of the 2 owners leading architects. The size of the applied design team depending on the size of the current task, generally 6-8 highly qualified architects.



owner, lead architect


owner, lead architect


According to our philosophy, architecture is a progressive and environmentally conscious creative activity. The triple constant interaction of society, science and technology marks newer and newer directions of development in architecture.

Our architectural attitude is characterized by a nowadays fundamentally changing reinterpretation of the relationship between space-form and function. We always trying to find connections to the European contemporary architectural progress.

We want to practise a thought-provoking, inspiring architecture that responds to its environment, which always carries some extra-formal meaning.

We believe in professional architecture, which, by examining the given task fundamentally, gets closer and closer to the optimal solution of the task by building a well-thought and consistently guided concept system.

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