Sport Centre

Kőrösladány | 2021

The basic requirement of the Client was to build a sport hall to provide space for the physical education of the city’s 16-classroom primary school. In addition to school use, the sport hall will also provide space for club team sports and events. Another element of the design is the construction of a swimming pool attached to the halls. The swimming pool would also provide swimming lessons for students in the first instance, but would be available for public use for the remainder of the time. These two basic functions (sport hall and swimming pool), combined with wellness and fitness facilities, can provide a complex service. This would fill a major gap in the city’s sport and recreation facilities.

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Client:Kőrösladány City Council
Main contractor:Kristály Kft.
Architecture:4n építésziroda
Leadarchitect:Schadl Zoltán
Project architect:Kenyeres László
Concept design:Bach Péter, Bánhegyi Zolt (2014)
Gross floor area:4.562 m2