Visitor centre of Esterházy Palace

Fertőd | 2011

The architectural concept of the designed building based on a very simple idea: we like to display the info hall building as a group of trees fit in among the glade of the landscape. According to the design intent, we do not want to block the visitor’s view to the near Eszterházy-castle. For this reason the new building stands on legs, cylindric, reinforced concrete masts dominated  in the ground floor as trunks of the trees. The larger spaces as the restaurant and the auditorium located at the first floor, the smallers as the ticket-office and gift-shop at the ground floor. The upper closed spaces sits on the reinforced concrete legs as the leafage on the treetrunks.

Lead Architect:Ekler Dezső
Associate Architects:Ekler Architects + Kenyeres László, Kiss András, Schadl Zoltán, Tóth Csaba
Structural:Klopka Zoltán
Mechnical:Parsch László
Electrical:Nyári Ilona
Fire protection:Mészáros János
Kitchen technology:Rátonyi Árpád
Details:Schreiber Gábor
Elevator:Pápai László
Landscpe:Páll Attila
Geotechnics:Szilvágyi László
Gross floor area:2.800 sqm