Balatonfüred | 2018
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The playhouse is part of the Kisfaludy Tourism Development Program. In close cooperation with Tima Studio, our office worked out the planning and construction plans.

The boxes connect glass surfaces (included open, large windows) to allow of visual dialogue between outside and inside. The entrance’s mass is the most striking element of the composition. The lifted block expressively shows the entrance. The public functions are located clearly on the ground floor and visible from the street through the surrounding glass walls.

Our goal is to design a consolidated house in a diversely built environment in Balatonfüred, that also shown the dramaturgy of internal function of the playhouse in its appearance. The playhouse’s interior arrangement effect to the exterior building mass.

Architect:Közti Zrt.
Lead architect:Tima Zoltán
Architect:Molnár J Tibor
Architect partner:4n Építésziroda Kft.
Project architect:Tóth Csaba
Fellow architect:Károly Ferenc
Construction details:Horváth Sándor
Structural:Gurubi Imre
Mechanical:Szakál Szilárd
Electrical:Máramarosi András
Low current:Ritzl András
Accessibility:Babtits Bernadett
Acoustic:Csott Róbert
Fire protection:Mészáros János
Landscape:Mohácsi Sándor
Utility:Széles Géza
Road:Vaits Zoltán
Gross floor area:2200 sqm